This page is dedicated to all Direct Democracy movements / parties around the world.

We have a english forum section where can keep in touch with each others. 

- Sweden - DirektDemokraterna

Direct Democracy Sweden offer a method of direct democracy and thus has no political ideology or their own party platform. A vote for the DirektDemokraterna is no voice on the right or left. It is a vote for yourself and your desire to influence political decisions in the matters you are involved in.

Next parliamentary and local election in Sweden : 14 September 2014


- Australia - Senator online ( SOL )

Want to have a voice on laws in government? You always will with us through your PC and Smartphone.
Senator Online (SOL) Members of Parliament and Senators vote in accordance with the clear majority public vote (you) when making laws. Everyone on the AEC Electoral Roll will be able to vote on any — or every — new law, or changes to existing laws in Australia, FOR FREE



Should the UK choose to reform to direct democracy now by using existing laws and without revolution or, should the People's Administration win the next UK general election, a new administration [not another government] will be formed. All party manifestos will be merged into an on-line database and the people will become the decision-makers regarding ALL policy implementation [including their own] via an on-line voting system. Majority-voted policies will then be implemented into law by a reformed Parliament and so through direct democracy, the people will govern the people.


- Ireland - Direct Democracy Ireland

Direct Democracy Ireland is a new political service whose aim is to restore the provisions of direct democracy to the people of Ireland, and by doing so:

- To provide the people of Ireland an alternative to the current model of governance which will ensure that election promises are kept and that the interests of the people of Ireland are the deciding factor in all decisions of the government.
- To create the situation whereby the people of Ireland chose their own representatives via a consultative process in local communities, and are truly represented by their government.
- To create the situation whereby the government of Ireland are truly accountable for their actions.


- Spain - Partido de Internet

In late 2008 a new idea that could revolutionize democracy as we know it: Internet Party.

What makes us think that giving control to someone for four years is the most reasonable way of doing politics ? Why should we resign ourselves to accept what opine a parliament for our lives ? Is that just as political democracy would have us believe ? What happens when the politicians who we have trusted for certain election campaign then not keep their word ? Who supports us at that time ?


- Argentina - Partido de la Red

In May 2012, a group of civil society activists, political activists, technology entrepreneurs, professionals in education and social communication we come together as pairs in an area of debate. The debate became in the idea of creating a software with the potential to hack the current political party system and transform.

Install the idea of Democracy Network to supplement the representative system became our goal.


- USA - National Initiative for Democracy (NCID)

The National Initiative for Democracy (NCID) is a proposal which will permit the People to make or change laws by initiative at all levels of government, including at the federal level.

Concise and publically vetted, over 100 years in the making

Builds on experience with state-level procedures

24 states already allow state-level initiatives

Endorsed by some highly respected people

Becomes a new check in our system of checks and balances

Does not modify Congress, the President, or the judicial system


- Belgium - Citizens for Direct Democracy

Politically independent civic movement which advocates the introduction of a binding referendum on People's Initiative (BROV).

Indeed, real democracy means that the people participate directly in legislation and administration, even against the will of the politicians.


- Canada - Online Party of Canada ( PACT )

PACT is proud to present the 'PACT For Canada': the one and only truly democratic Political Platform that invites all Canadian voters, regardless of their political views or affiliation to have their say through votes and comments. Please evaluate comparatively to other parties' Platforms and decide which one is closest to you. Also please keep in mind that this is the ONLY Platform that comes with a legal guarantee! This is not just a list of promises; it is a Social Contract with you. Your votes and comments are automatically taken into consideration


- Italy - Movement 5 Stars ( M5S )

The Movement 5 Stars is a free association of citizens. It is not a political party nor it is intended that it will become in the future. Not ideologies of the left or right, but ideas. It seeks to create an efficient and effective exchange of views and democratic debate outside of associative links and partisan and without the mediation of governing bodies or representative, recognizing the totality of the citizens and address the role of government normally attributed to a few.


- Finland - Change 2011

Current representative democracy where elected representatives every few years, is no longer able to carry out its own democracy, or  the will of the majority of citizens .

Change wants to give everyone an equal opportunity to decide for Finnish affairs. Provided the means for this change are the  direct democracy  and  freedom of speech .


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