The basic idea is that all citizens from different segments of society should be able to influence important decisions directly to Parliament through the internet democracy .

" Representative democracy "  has ceased to operate in accordance with the theory . Too many politicians "full -time" seem to be controlled by short-term personal interests or incompetence , and the fundamental interests of citizens are ignored. 

Moreover, political parties have ceased to meet the requirements for democracy . We humans should , therefore , to take direct responsibility for what happens to us , by creating a real democracy .

Political elite does not know what democracy means ( democracy means majority rule ) with intent , they misunderstand what is true democracy, in order to protect their power and to take their big piece of cake for themselves. 

We can not let this rule  " few people decide " to become the norm for "democracy" , because , then dictatorship is not far. 

It is very important to develop real democracy while it is still somewhat possible . We still have the right to organize ourselves so let's do it ! Can do together to ensure that our views have power . We can put into operation the power of all citizens , if we can unite .

The most important task for direct democracy is to give citizens the opportunity to quickly remove politicians when they make bad decisions , but also the ability to support competent politicians . Four years of corrupt governance that have no possibility of influence is too much. Citizens must be able to influence more than that .

When people begin to understand , they will be more effective and see more clearly and influence more effective reality in which they live

The most important on the direct- democracy is that it has an ideology that ignores completely political thinking color party and leave any decision to citizen , all in accordance with the principles of direct democracy in harmony with the true representative democracy , called " direct democracy representative " .

In practice , this means that as a national delegate may vote either direction . You can choose to become a delegate to the others . Your opinion and your vote as a delegate will be presented through an account to vote, the same as any existing bank account on the Internet today .

Peoples elected in parliament will have to accept a true democracy through written agreements with the risk of being sued in a court of law. The direct purpose of democracy is to avoid corruption by seeking idealists who believe the democratic principles for this task.